Preserving the Magic: A Guide to Wedding Dress Cleaning and Preservation

Preserving the Magic: A Guide to Wedding Dress Cleaning and Preservation

Oct 07, 2023

Congratulations on your beautiful wedding! Now that you've tied the knot and celebrated your love, it's time to cherish the memories and preserve your wedding dress—the epitome of your special day. At I DO Wedding Boston, we understand the sentimental value of your wedding gown and are here to guide you through the process of wedding dress cleaning and preservation.



Step 1: Timely Cleaning

After the celebration comes to an end, the first step towards preserving your wedding dress is timely cleaning. The sooner you address any stains or marks, the better the chances of successful removal. Trust our team of experts to carefully examine your dress and use the appropriate cleaning methods for different fabrics, embellishments, and stains.


Step 2: Expert Cleaning Techniques

Cleaning a wedding dress is a delicate process that requires expertise. Our skilled professionals employ specialized techniques to ensure every inch of your gown is cleaned without causing any damage. From intricate lace detailing to delicate beading, we handle each aspect of your dress with the utmost care and attention.


Step 3: Repair and Restoration

During the cleaning process, we also inspect your gown for any loose threads, missing beads, or small tears that might have occurred during your wedding day. Our team will repair and restore these imperfections, ensuring your dress looks as stunning as it did on your wedding day.


Step 4: Preservation

Preservation is crucial to maintaining the beauty and integrity of your wedding dress for years to come. At I Do Wedding Boston, we've partnered with the esteemed Wedding Gown Preservation Company (WGP), a third-generation family-owned business that has been specializing in gown preservation since 1913. Founded by Sara and Joseph Schapiro in Endicott, New York, WGP prides itself on their family formula, which has stood the test of time and is still in use today.


Step 5: Storage Tips

Once your wedding dress is professionally cleaned and preserved, it's essential to store it in the right conditions to maintain its pristine state. Here are a few tips: Avoid Sunlight: Store your dress in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight to prevent fading and discoloration. Handle with Care: When moving or examining your preserved gown, always clean your hands to avoid transferring oils or dirt onto the fabric. Regular Check-ups: Periodically check your gown to ensure it's still in excellent condition and hasn't been compromised by pests or other environmental factors.


Exclusive Offer for I Do Brides

As a token of our appreciation for choosing I Do Wedding Boston, I Do Brides can enjoy a $25 off certificate for the wedding gown cleaning and preservation services offered by the Wedding Gown Preservation Company. Your wedding dress is a beautiful symbol of love and a cherished memory. By following these steps for wedding dress cleaning and preservation, you can ensure that your gown remains as stunning as the day you said "I do." Partnering with the Wedding Gown Preservation Company, we're dedicated to preserving the magic of your special day, one stitch at a time. For more information on wedding dress cleaning and preservation services and to redeem your $25 off certificate, please feel free to Contact Us. We look forward to assisting you in preserving your wedding dress for generations to come.



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