How to Prepare for Wedding Dress Shopping

How to Prepare for Wedding Dress Shopping

Dec 14, 2017

By Shannon Low

1. Keep an open mind.
You should go into your appointment open to different styles of dresses, which may be
easier said than done. If you have your mind set on one specific dress, you will limit your
options because you only see yourself wearing that dress. However, keeping an open
mind will allow you to see find a dress that feels as if it was tailored to you and makes
you feel special. You never know until you try it on!

2. Do Your Research.
One of the first things your bridal consult will ask you is: “Do you have any pictures of
dresses you’re interested in?” Pinterest boards have risen in popularity among many
soon-to- be brides to inspire ideas for their wedding. Doing research before your first
appointment can make it go more smoothly since you can try on dresses that you liked
online and narrow down your preferred styles. Also, you can use your Pinterest board to
help you pick wedding themes and match your dress to it.

3. Make a Budget.
Setting a wedding dress budget is one of the most important steps in wedding planning.
Being aware of your budget will help you avoid draining your bank account and narrow
down your options. Keep in mind that some boutiques may charge extra for alterations if
you are near the top of your budget, so be aware when deciding on a dress to not go
over your budget.

4. What to Bring to Your Appointment.
You may feel inclined to bringing your close friends and family, which is important to get

a second opinion when trying on dresses. In addition, some boutiques suggest to bring
what you plan on wearing underneath on your wedding day

5. Be Yourself.
It is important to be yourself and feel comfortable in your dress. You should be able to
picture yourself happy in your dress and not having to feel self-conscious. Allowing your
personality to show during your bridal consultation will help your consultant to get a
better feel of who you are and help you find your wedding dress.