More color for your dress...

More color for your dress...

Dec 14, 2017

By Clara Haslauer

When most women think about their wedding, a color stands out: white.

It all originated from Mary, Queen of Scots who, in 1559, was the first royal to marry in her favorite color, white. Until then white was worn for mourning, not weddings. Since then however, in westernized cultures white has for decades been the color to get married in. It signifies purity of the soul and body as well as new beginnings.

Yet, in recent years white is not the only color a bride can get married in. While the majority of dresses are still in a white or off-white shade such as champagne or ivory, colors such as light pink or baby blue are emerging. Especially in 2017/18 collections many designers tend to emphasize on different more modern colors, as they

Blush/light pink
First appearing in 2016, blush is taking over the wedding market. This season is also very much concentrated on millennial pink and blush. Either mixed with white or entirely by their own, these colors will look dazzling on every bride.

Light blue
Blush is not the only color taking over bridalwear. This season multiple designers decided to add a baby blue to their wedding dresses, which looks just fabulous. Especially when paired with gold or white as in the images below.

Black and white
In western cultures, black symbolizes sorrow and death, which does not seem right to marry in. Despite this, designers have begun embroidering elements of black into their bridalwear, to add an element of contrast to their collections.