Top Wedding Trends In 2022

Top Wedding Trends In 2022

Top Wedding Trends In 2022. Mobile Image

May 20, 2022

Relaxed Luxury Vibes 

After a year of missing human connection and celebration, couples are focusing on joy more than ever. The formality of even the most lavish weddings will be slightly pared down in the year ahead. Black tie weddings will still be around in 2022, but an increase in festive, casual experiences will see a rise. Think dance parties, cocktail-style receptions and food truck celebrations.  


Invitations Say Goodbye to Formality and Hello to Sustainability

As couples shift from ultra-formal events to fun, casual celebrations, stationery trends will reflect this vibe. Flowery, formal language will take a back seat to light-hearted, cheeky jokes and phrases (e.g. ‘Let’s try this again!’) as couples move forward with postponed weddings and use their invitations as a reflection of their own personalities. A rise in the eco-conscious mindset has couples choosing to use alternate materials for their invites, like post-consumer recycled paper (available on The Knot Invitations), seed-infused paper and hemp paper. When it comes to color palettes, boho 70’s inspired warm vintage hues like cream, dusty rose and burnt orange are taking over the stationery scene as what is old, is new again. Nothing says celebration more than shimmer and shine, so foil designs will also be big in 2022. 


‘Otherworldly’ Domestic Destination Weddings 

Domestic destination weddings are on the rise as more couples are hosting weddings in breathtaking, otherworldly destinations in the US, without asking their guests to pack a passport. Filled with beauty, the US offers a range of beaches, mountains, big cities, forests, deserts and more. Think a natural, outdoor wedding held under giant Redwoods off the coast of Big Sur, California, or a Gatsby-worthy, Italian estate-inspired, gilded event in the Art Deco mansions of Long Island, New York.  


Experiential Wedding Registries  

After staying at home due to the pandemic, couples are looking to make up for lost time. Expect to see an increase in travel-related registry gifts – from pre-planned experiences to sleek luggage accessories that make flying a breeze. Nature-driven experiences – think hiking, mountain biking, white water rafting – will also see a rise as couples look to outdoor activities and shared experiences for newlywed life. Cash funds and creative gift cards will also be a registry staple in 2022 as plans for honeymoons (the number one cash fund on The Knot Registry) and home renovations (Home Depot is the most registered for gift card in The Knot Registry Store) top the list for couples. Even as non-traditional gifts rise in popularity, couples will still register for traditional items like decor, cooking appliances or serveware and many will opt for elevated pieces that will stand the test of time—and spark a conversation or two. While some registry gifts will never go out of style (like a standing mixer or a robot vacuum), 2022 will welcome an increased demand for entertaining gifts that bring couples and loved ones together, like elegant glassware, serving dishes and decorative tabletop accents. 


Storytelling Through Individual Servings 

In 2021, a big catering trend that allowed guests to be served safely was the individual serving, e.g. tiny charcuterie boards, mini wedding cakes and canned cocktails. These individual servings will remain in 2022 weddings as health and safety continue to be a top priority, but upgraded twists like sushi flights and caviar tastings, fancy serving trays with elegant cloches or branded lucite covers will uplevel trends from 2021. Couples are also creating entire wedding menus around their love story, starting with the wine they enjoyed before their first kiss, the first dish they made together at home and late-night food trucks that serve eats from their first date.  


Weekday Weddings and Multi-Day, Multi-Generational Experiences 

With the surge in demand (2022 will see a more than 20% increase in weddings), Thursday and Monday weddings are becoming popular. These weekday weddings allow couples to extend the wedding experience for their guests and make way for multiple events – think welcome pool parties, boat outings, brunches and barbecues – for opportunities to celebrate with loved ones of all ages.   


Welcome to the Countryside 

British Regency and English countryside designs have made their way into weddings thanks to Bridgerton and the popular internet aesthetic of “cottagecore.” Cozy garden party themes with beautiful floral decor and installations, gold embellishments, tailored attire and velvet seating will make an appearance in 2022 weddings. 


Supporting Local Businesses 

As planning with intention and values at the forefront is more important than ever, couples are focusing on ways to support local businesses – with many seeking out vendors who represent their respective communities, orientations and inherent belief systems. The purpose for this is to preserve their culture on what is the most joyful day of their lives; thereby, allowing weddings to be just one avenue for couples to contribute to a brighter tomorrow.