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At I Do Wedding Dresses and Photography, nothing brings us more joy than hearing from our brides. Our Boston bridal shop is dedicated to making your wedding dress dreams come true, and we are honored to share the kind words from our Boston brides. Read these heartfelt testimonials and reviews to see why so many brides choose us for their special day. Each story is a testament to our commitment to providing exceptional service and stunning wedding dresses. Thank you to all our wonderful brides for letting us be a part of your unforgettable journey.

Kind Words from Our Brides...


"I wanted to thank Dina for helping me throughout the whole wedding process. This store is amazing with a variety or gorgeous dress. The price is affordable and I had an amazing experience here. Aside from Dina helping me out, there was also Ivy, she was also great. Both ladies were very patient, reliable, and fun to work with. I wouldn't pick anywhere else to go!"


Ann H.

"I tried on over 50 wedding dresses at various shops around Boston and DC and found the experience at this little boutique to be extremely pleasant with a wonderful selection of absolutely stunning gowns. I worked with Ella primarily, who could not have been more charming and lovely. I would definitely recommend paying a visit to this shop if you are looking for an elegant and affordable gown with white glove service."


Emily H.

"This was my first time trying on wedding dresses and I can't help but want to rave about this shop. Since it was my first time, I was trying to figure out what I liked. Dina was phenomenal. She made me really think about what I liked and disliked about each dress, asking very thoughtful questions.


I loved that we had the whole shop to ourselves and were uninterrupted. It made the experience so personal. She also made my future mother and sister in-laws and I feel so welcome. If felt like a fun fashion show!


Dina was very knowledgeable about all the dresses and at no point pressured me to buy anything. I didn't end up getting the dresses I liked here, but I just had to say how great of an experience I had here!"


Enna H.

"Honestly, the perfect little boutique for first time wedding dress shopping. They have an in-house brand that offers a few extras like first alteration for free. My consultant, Dianellie (sp?) was absolutely lovely and so helpful. She was not pushy about sales at all, and never made me feel like a walking dollar sign, aside from initially asking for my dress budget. The dressing room is beautiful and built for very grand reveals with a huge curtain and full wall mirror. All in all, a wonderful experience. 10/10 highly recommend! Ask for Dianellie!!!"


Kath L.

"The dresses are stunning! There's something for everyone! Whether you want flash, a simple look, or are middle of the road, like me. Also, any dress can be altered to add embellishments (or remove).


The prices are reasonable and you won't faint or pay with a kidney. Most importantly, your dress purchase also includes one alteration and an embellishment (veil, tiara etc). (almost forgot to mention gowns can be also be rented for a great rate! However, that's not an option for me bcz I'm clumsy and KNOW I'll probably spill something on it)


I would also like to commend the women working here. They are tirelessly at your beck and call and give great feedback. Watching Dina gracefully and enthusiastically bring over multiple dresses, corset me, button me, and everything in between made ME exhausted for her and want to tell her to take 5. She's an All Star and, clearly, loves her work."


Lee E.

"Dianellie was my consultant for my very first dress appointment and I am so grateful. She is a wonderful person who pays attention to your aura, what you ask for, what you like/don't like, etc. Dianellie is a joy to work with and talk to. She has such a creative depth that really shines through when she helps. While I was there, she also gave me great advice about so many different aspects about the dress, shoes, accessories, etc. without me even asking. Dianellie really pays attention to you throughout the whole process. The first dress she chose for me to try on ended up being the one I fell in love with. Thank you so much, Dianellie, for your support and care throughout my dress journey :) I won't forget it."


Lexi C. 
from Google Review

"I’ve been to countless wedding gown shops, and this one hands-down has the best customer service and has the best selections of gowns that I have seen! If you’re looking for the gown of your dreams and top level customer service, come here! I think most brides would agree that their wedding gown is the most precious and valuable article of clothing they will ever buy; I Do Weddings is a place that provides the critical element of support through this process. Thank you, I Do Weddings, for being such a great partner in my wedding gown journey! <3"


Allsion S.
from Google Review